Who is a refugee?

Von Parwana Amiri

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Aus dem griechischen Auffanglager in Ritsona schickt der Blog Birds of Immigrants die Stimmen von Geflüchteten in alle Welt. Text Nummer 19 vom März 2020 reflektiert darüber, wer oder was das ist, ein*e Geflüchtete.

A refugee is someone who, once, had a normal life, a home for his family, a school for his children, a hospital. He enjoyed respect and dignity. He had friends, relatives and basic humans’ rights. He had dreams, hopes, plans for the future. What he did not have was safety. That was taken from him by political and economic games.

A refugee is that brave father and that courageous mother, who pluck their courage to protect their family and chose to leave their country and undertake a voyage with death lurking along the way.

A refugee is a person who struggles many years, in many countries, his safety always threatened, his days filled with the sounds of bombs and explosions. A refugee is a person who has seen the hospitals and schools destroyed under fire.

A refugee is a person, who amid the bombs, the explosions, the fires, he does not give up his hopes for a new life for himself and his children, for safety, for peace, for nights with dreams rather than nightmares. A refugee dreams of a day when the news does not report numbers of killed or injured, does not recount bloody suicide attacks.

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